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8 Budget-Friendly Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

You spend a lot of time in the bathroom. It would be better if the time spent there was efficient, relaxing, or both. If you own your space or will be there for a long time, a bigger renovation might be warranted. If you are in a short-term rental or have a limited budget, it might not be the best investment to undertake a bathroom remodel in Westchester county. Here are some simple tips you can execute with moderate effort without breaking the bank on an extensive makeover:

#1 Have Uniform, Classy Containers

Your toiletries come from different brands in all sizes and shapes. Pour your shampoo and soap into uniform containers and soap dispensers that begin to pull together your overall aesthetics. Alternatively repeating an element can be both understated and connecting at the same time. For example, pebbles in a flower vase mirrored as the bedding for your soap dish and sprinkling that pattern with other accessories is a plausible orchestration.

#2 Remove Clutter

This one will probably necessitate eliminating superfluous items or rethinking your storage space. Think about open shelving, ladder towel rack, trays (for toiletries or bathtub), or an etagere. Another option would be to replace a mirror with a medicine cabinet, even a second one that is somewhat hidden or camouflaged.

#3 Add Plants or Artwork

Other than being wary of the extra moisture and humidity in a bathroom setting, you have a blank canvas here. Did you get a great picture during your last vacation that is suitable for framing? Perhaps you have an all-time favorite artist who you want to celebrate and start everyday with? How about your favorite album or magazine covers? Alternatively, succulent plants are colorful, sturdy, and offer a different texture compared to say, a fern, which can serve double duty as one of the best air-purifying houseplants.

#4 Window Treatments or Shower Curtain

If you have a great view, don't hide it. Bring the outdoor inside and bask in the natural lighting. If instead, you face an alleyway or busy street, mask it with window treatments. Are you going to go with a striking pattern and a rich color? Maybe something more delicate and feminine? By the way, applying a patterned adhesive or a window film is another option here as well.

It might make sense to amplify or reflect your window treatment on your shower curtain. Alternatively, you can go with something whimsical and fun, especially in a child's bathroom.

#5 Replace Bath Mat or Lay a Rug

Bath mats could be changed daily if you were so inclined. Don't be afraid to go away from traditional cotton and get something plush or less common such as a teak runner. Depending on space, an appropriately sized rug might feel nice on bare feet - but be mindful of the water.'

#6 Towels

There are plenty of options here. Introduce bold, colorful patterns. Have plush towels. Roll your towels for that spa-like look. Alternatively, stamp your personal brand with monograms.

#7 Aromatherapy

In addition to sight and touch, you also have the scents that could pleasantly greet guests entering your bath. Consider fragrances, plants, candles, or soaps that could provide a refreshing aroma.

#8 Waterproof Speaker

Hearing is another sense that could be treated in the bathroom. With waterproof speakers, possibly a wireless connection, and decent wi-fi, there's no reason you can't listen to podcasts, audiobooks, videos, a playlist, or radio stations you enjoy.

The nice thing about the above eight tips is that it is possible for all of them to be portable and not have to become a part of the leasehold improvement if yours is a temporary stay. These are upgrades that are neither time consuming nor expensive but could elevate your space.

If You Have A Slightly Longer Time Frame...

We'll share eight more ideas that we'll touch upon in other posts that could help your space feel luxe:

  1. Paint or wallpaper the room or just an accent wall

  2. Repurpose Furniture or Install an Unusual Mirror

  3. Wainscoting or other woodwork, such as framing your mirror

  4. Lighting

  5. Tile& Grout

  6. Cabinetry or Hardware

  7. Heated Towel Rack or Heated Floors

  8. Massaging water spray

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