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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

85% of homes in the United States have air conditioning. The electrical demand from these units exceeds $10 billion annually. We need HVAC units to maintain comfortable indoor conditions in the Northeast, since temperatures can dip below zero in the winter and soar above 100 in the summer. Given the widespread dispersion of units and the material operating costs, what are some steps homeowners can take to help their units last longer and operate more efficiently?

The professionals at Acosta Home & Air Pro have put together a checklist of eight tips to maintain your HVAC units. As a bonus, we've thrown in some additional ideas to mitigate the demand placed on your system.

  • Use high-efficiency, pleated air filters

  • Replace filters every 90 days

  • Keep debris (leaves, grass, branches, etc) two feet clear of outside unit

  • Clean outside unit of leaves, pollen and dirt with a garden hose a few times annually

  • Clean and inspect vents and ductwork one to two times per year

  • Inspect refrigerant line of the cooling system

  • Clean condensate drain with a bleach and water mix

  • Connect thermostat to HVAC system, schedule set temperature per family schedule

In addition to having your HVAC run more efficiently, consider how you might reduce demand:

  • Install ceiling fans strategically

  • Keep curtains drawn during peak sunlight exposures in the summer

  • Invest in a warm comforter or electric blanket for the winter months

  • Check insulation and weatherstripping around doors, windows, garage, or any other opening

Preventative maintenance is a good idea that will save you money on your energy bill. If your air conditioning unit has to work harder due to various impediments, it will wear out faster. Many of these tips can be performed by most homeowners. However, many are busy with all the other worries about life. Additionally, properly cleaning ductwork or condensate drains can be a little tricky. Investing in a maintenance program is the safer and more realistic option.

At Acosta Home & Air Pro, our maintenance program includes a tune-up in addition to changing the filter and cleaning the ductwork. We inspect electrical connections, measure efficiency and troubleshoot to mitigate against major problems. Contact us at (914) 875-3266 to learn more.

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