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Ten Ideas to Improve Your 5’ by 8’ Bathroom

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

For the sleep deprived among us, there's a premium of having a streamlined bathroom routine so that you can get yourself or your family out the door after waking up in the morning. In the evening, there's no less need for efficiency. Perhaps you can take extra moments to wind down and relax. When you do possibly have time to luxuriate can your bathroom double as an impromptu, spa-like getaway? If you view your bathroom more as a downer than a retreat, it may be time for a bathroom renovation.

As always, we start with reality - many homes have a standard bathroom that covers an area of 40 square feet. If your unit comes with the standard bathtub (60 inches long by 30 inches wide), deduct 12.5 feet or over 30% of usable floor space. Other standard bathroom layout elements are medicine cabinet, vanity, sink and toilet. A gut renovation would involve stripping the room down to the studs, including possibly removing the tub. We will pursue that extensive of a makeover in our next post. For now, let's assume the tub and toilet stays, but everything else can be replaced. A limited small bathroom redesign has to create the illusion of space despite the small square footage. To get more out of what you got, you have to get efficient and cannot afford wasted space or anything that adds to a cramped feel.

So, let's review ten ideas to consider for your 5 by 8 bathroom remodeling project.

· skylight

· wall to wall mirrors

· clear or translucent shower curtains

· transoms

· niches and shelves

· using wall space for storage

· towel bars and racks

· sliding doors or door less cabinetry

· use of color - light or dark

· contrasting or complimentary patterns


Ah, see the light. Don't block it. Illuminate and reflect it. The first four suggestions involve light. A skylight brightens up a space and adds an interesting design element. If a skylight is not possible (no roof access), then perhaps a transom window placed higher on the wall might be another way to get more light into your space. More mirrors, especially wall-to-wall or ceiling height, reflect light and make space feel bigger through its reflection. If your shower possibly blocks a window, then opaque shower curtains will block some light from that window. A translucent shower curtain lets through more light.


Niches built into your shower wall provides extra storage for shampoos or soaps. Add shelves to use more vertical space. A decorative shelf can be added in the corner where two walls meets to hold smaller, lightweight items such as a toothbrush, flowers, or containers of say, lotion. Multiple level towel racks can be added to a wall or door. Extra hooks can likewise be strategically added to accommodate more hand towels or guest towels. "Set-aside" space left open for the swing of your bathroom door or cabinet door can be reclaimed by using sliding doors. Alternatively, your entry door can be re-hung to swing outwards instead of into your bathroom space.


If your bathroom is blessed with lots of natural light, accentuate that by using lighter colors to give the space a more expansive feel. You can spice up white walls by having subway tiles as your wall tile, but a large format tile for floor tile. Alternatively, if light is at a deficit, possibly for a small windowed or interior room, then go with it. Perhaps a black ceiling might be too much, but dark grays or deep blues can be used to make the room feel cozy and all encompassing. Monochrome colors coupled with near tonal but contrasting patterns inject subtle but engaging design. A herringbone wall tile backsplash next to a lightly veined marble stone countertop is one example of complimentary but contrasting panels that could work.

Your small bath may be limited in size - it does not have to be restrained in design.

Call Acosta Home & Air Pro at (914) 875-3266. Come visit our showroom in Mamaroneck to compare notes, get 5 by 8 bathroom remodeling ideas, and start developing your project of converting your bathroom into a space you look forward to instead of dreading. Revisit our blog to read another ten ideas to improve your 5 by 8 bathroom when removing the tub and toilet are options.

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