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The Top 8 Bathroom Renovating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Westchester County, think about form over function. Your everyday routine should not require routine work arounds. What are your top priorities? Where are you willing to make trade-offs? If you are going to be in your space for fewer than several years, you might consider staying away from elements that future buyers will not be willing to pay a premium for. Thoughtful planning with realistic budgeting should enable you to achieve a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. A good interior designer will advise you to avoid these bathroom- remodeling mistakes:

#1 Measuring Improperly

Unless you are adding an extension, knocking down walls, or re-purposing an adjacent closet, you can only work with the space you've got. The adage "measure twice, cut once" is a good idea in spatial design as it is in apparel. Beyond adding up your square footage, account for space factoring door swings, drawer opening and space from the wall for fixtures such as free-standing tubs or toilet flange. Small spaces can still be turned into dream bathroom, but need even more planning.

#2 Neglecting to Plan for Storage

Typical bathrooms include toiletries, linen, medicine, and hair grooming items, among other things. To avoid countertop clutter, plan for bathroom storage. Drawers and shelves of varying height and depth will better accommodate different sized objects while keeping them readily accessible. One "thinking out of the box" example would be to incorporate an outlet in your medicine cabinet while having shelving tall enough to accommodate moving your electric toothbrush off your countertop.

#3 Bad Placement of Shower Fixtures

Do you have to turn the shower head towards another wall or do you have to stand in freezing or scalding water in order to turn your shower on? All of this is resolved by placing access to shower controls relative to the shower head better. When it comes to positioning, think about what is the first thing seen upon opening the bathroom door? This, too, is a design choice.

#4 Making the Toilet the Focal Point

Try to avoid making the toilet the first thing you see when you open the door. Keeping the same footprint might be a prudent budget choice, leaving you with few options in this regard. If you are ripping out your bathroom to the studs, consider the placing it in a less prominent location or diverting attention from the toilet to the tub, shower or vanity with striking design elements.

#5 Poor Planning for Towel Bars and Hooks & Low Quality Fixtures

While the walls are open, plan for extra wood framing for hooks, towels, shelves, and niches ahead of time. Securing these with anchor screws in drywall is not as sturdy or long lasting as with wood framing. Speaking of long lasting, investing in better plumbing fixtures with fewer plastic internal parts will cut down on the frequency of plumbing repairs at inopportune times in the future.

#6 Not Considering Lighting Patterns

Having a window in your bathroom can mitigate many concerns about lighting, ventilation and moisture. Such a window will have its own challenges when it comes to maintenance or privacy and it will impact wall space and shelving. If you lack the option of adequately sized windows, then consider that at different times of the day, you may need ambient, accent or task lighting depending on if you are relaxing, shaving or applying makeup. This will impact where you place your light fixture and how brightly you illuminate your space.

#7 Having Inadequate Ventilation & Neglecting the Impact of Moisture

If you have multiple people using the bathroom throughout the day, expect high water usage and therefore plenty of moisture. Opt for material and paint that are waterproof or water-resistant. Floor tiles should be slip-resistant while grout should be low maintenance. Have enough ventilation to circulate air, address odor, and possibly automatically stay on for minutes after you shut it off.

#8 Trying to Be on Trend Instead of Prioritizing Your Needs

Bathroom renovations can be time consuming and pricey. In order to minimize on having to remodel every so often, avoid items that are jarring, dysfunctional or impractical. Incorporate things you plan on using repeatedly and eliminate things that are desired simply because you liked it in a magazine or a movie.


These common mistakes of commission and errors of omission can be easily avoided if you are observant or work with thoughtful professionals. While it didn't officially make the list, the most important error to avoid is working with the wrong contractor. So, what makes a contractor right, or at a minimum, acceptable? Start with a bathroom remodeling contractor near you that is reliable that understands the importance of being on time and on budget. Be sure to check references and previous work done. Additionally, companies that educate you about tradeoffs so that you make informed decisions are invaluable. Bonus points should be added for creativity and experience that help anticipate problems before they are obvious. Finally, work guarantees, proper licensing and adequate insurance are the type of assurances that provide peace of mind.

At Acosta Home & Air Pro, we are bathroom remodeling contractors in Westchester County who strive to have every customer feel comfortable enough giving us a referral or working with us again in the future. Call us at 914.875.3266 to evaluate if we can help you with your project

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