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The kitchen is the center of the home. In the past decade or two, the open concept design trend has been at the top of most redesign wish lists. Going back about a half decade, the bright white kitchen has dominated kitchen remodeling in Westchester County; the veining on white marble provided some varying patterns while white subway tiles offered a slightly raised texture. What are the leading design ideas trending for 2020? To simplify life, homeowners are going in the direction of low touch, low stress, and time saving options. To spice up interest, we are seeing more colors, more versatility, varying material and more eclectic aesthetics.


Microwaves, timers, crock pots and programmable coffee makers started the trend. Now, there are touchless faucets that stream water upon sensing items in a certain position. Smart refrigerators can provide grocery list alerts, connect to your smartphone, set temperatures based upon time of year, or schedule the water heater. Technology for technology's sake can sometime lead to unnecessary rabbit holes; automating routines to free up time or reduce tedium is worthwhile. Low touch, easy to clean surfaces, materials and designs reduce maintenance and germ transmission. Hot water taps, radiant floors, or heated walls all embrace the eco-friendly emphasis on sustainability.


You will either need to have less stuff or store the stuff you have better. It is sometimes tough to eliminate things or commit to making smaller, more frequent shopping trips; so instead we'll highlight improved storage solutions for cabinets and drawers. In life, it is rarely the case that "one size fits all." Manufacturers are increasingly varying the height of shelves and drawers reflecting the different sizes of items to be stowed. Increasingly, storage is built into islands. There are cabinets below ceiling height to provide more lighting or to convey an open feeling. Many kitchen remodels include open shelving, sometimes made of glass, mixed with upper cabinets, thereby impacting storage and varying forms. Wood fronts or casing envelope smaller appliances such as microwaves. Floor to ceiling paneling can be constructed to conceal larger appliances such as dishwashers or refrigerators. Free standing kitchen larders, cool or dry, are increasingly being deployed. If you have the room, a walk-in butler’s pantry could provide sufficient storage to keep small appliances, jars, bread baskets, etc. off countertops and tables outside of meal times.


The anodyne, monochromatic look is being supplanted with pops of color, contrasts in material, texture, colors, and even asymmetry. Intricate-pattern floor tiles or dark ceilings are safe again. Tile backsplashes or accent walls are encouraged. Bold shapes for chairs are approved. Appliances such as ranges or hoods in deep black are being embraced. Two-tone cabinetry, sometimes with mirrors, are making the rounds. Due to being maintenance free, quartz countertops are more popular than ever. Mixing and matching metals, such as brass, nickel and copper with stainless steel has made inroads. Unique sink materials, including covered sinks are another design option to allow more personalization. Terra cotta is being selected for flooring specifically because tiles are handmade and are not 100% uniform in size or color. Ceramic tiles allow for injecting unique pattern creations with accent tile among field tile. Larger windows and sliding doors are valued for seamlessly connecting to outside but also for providing different light patterns throughout the day. Matte finishes are used to further highlight some of these other bright injections. Grid motifs are paired or contrasted with differing symmetrical lines. Natural wood elements, such as timber beams, butcher block countertops, bright hardwood floors, or wood-concealed hoods, in part or whole, are used to warm up the room. Light fixtures such as pendant lighting or task lighting have more iterations and efficiency with L.E.D. and colored glass.


If it is not yet clear, kitchen design style is all about you and your preferences. If you want to mix retro detailing with modern flashes, go right ahead. The main trend to be aware of is the white, gray, and taupe that dominated the past decade is changing towards a more colorful future. Functional, utilitarian, comfortable, and efficient designs are being embraced but in ways that also need to be sustainable and vibrant. Kitchen islands are single level, but multi-purpose. As always, organization is highly valued in interior design and storage is not limited to just kitchen cabinets. There's a lot to unpack.


To make sure that your kitchen remodel incorporates technology and social trends, be sure to contact Acosta Home & Air Pro at 914.875.3266 early in your planning journey.

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