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Countertops in kitchens and in bathrooms rightly draw attention due to the large amount of space that they command. Besides the visual impact, countertops have to be water resistant since they are near faucets and are subject to splashes.

The impact of those constant splashes could be countered with stain resistant coatings on surfaces. Finally, scratches from knives or the placement of hot or cold objects require that durable materials be used for countertops. As a result, natural stone tends to be the preferred installation material over wood, tile, stainless steel or laminate countertops.

Countertops - stone, composites and other options

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Tough and durable, stone countertops offer unique designs.
It is unlikely that any two slabs will be exactly alike since each stone has its own veining, color, and speckles formulated by years and years of being exposed to varying conditions in a specific region.
While impervious to water and heat, stone can chip or stain.


To mitigate against chipping:

  • Invest in stone that is about an inch thick, give or take a quarter inch.

  • Mount your slab on an even surface to equalize pressure.

  • Have rounded edges instead of square ones.

  • Have the edge of the stone even or only slightly beyond the cabinets or drawers that they sit upon.

To safeguard against staining:

  • Wipe away spills as soon as possible

  • Seal joints with silicone

  • Apply a sealant as needed, typically every one to three years depending on usage and the stone

Stone countertops are heavier and more expensive to buy and install than many other options. In addition, creating cutouts for sinks, faucets, or other attachments or appendages require specialized equipment and specific expertise.

On the flip side, they are easier to maintain and convey a far greater quality level compared to laminates and wood.


As a result, stone countertops are preferred by interior designers and usually worth the incremental investment. Granite countertop are among the most stain resistant item - followed by marble, limestone and travertine in descending order. A similar order holds true for scratch resistance.


There are options, including man-made materials such as onyx, concrete, engineered stone, quartzite, dolomite, quartz, porcelain, ceramic, soapstone or slate that are worthy

of consideration.

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As you approach buying your stone slab, Acosta Home Pro will expertly have your installation templated for an exact measurement to be placed on your counter or kitchen island along with all of the appropriate cutouts. Sometimes opting for a prefabricated, standard sized counter, a remnant, or a close-out can save on the purchase price. One suggestion to keep in mind is to ask for the cutout of, say, your sink or stove top as these pieces can serve as a stone butcher block or serving boards that perfectly match your installation.

When it is all said and done, you want a countertop that is low maintenance, stain resistant, easy to clean, and long lasting. Let our team at Acosta Home & Air Pro help you choose well to achieve that timeless elegance and superb functionality. We want new visitors to your home to compliment you on your lovely kitchen design. When you enter your bath, we want you to notice your bathroom countertop and smile happily to yourself.



Contact us today at 914-875-3266 to get started on your project!
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