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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

A split system heating and air condition system usually has a condenser unit outside, an evaporating coil indoor unit, and air handler that is typically part of the furnace. When installing a heating and cooling system, we consider your load requirement. Essentially the square footage of your home, the insulation installed, the number of floors and the amount of window exposure all drive the energy needed (or BTUs) to cool or heat the space. With each year, HVAC units are manufactured for higher efficiency and often come with an energy star rating.

If you already have a standalone furnace, a split air conditioner is the most energy efficient and economical central air conditioner to install. A programmable thermostat enables setting desired temperatures based upon time of day, including scheduled shutdowns while you sleep or are away on vacation. A filtration system or humidity control allow for monitoring and controlling indoor air. Air supply and return ducts moves conditioned air from equipment outside through the home's interior.

Mini-split systems enable the heating or cooling of individual rooms or zones in your home, thereby further improving energy usage. These units vary in size and when concentrated in an enclosed, smaller area can be ductless. A number of configurations are available for residential or commercial use.

Please contact our experienced staff for expert advice on the best option suitable for your lifestyle needs in your home or office.

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My ductless ac system was not working properly from past one month. So, i had called an ac repair company who sent one of their technician to help me out with it.

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