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Approximately 87% of homes in the United States have air conditioning. Only 2 out of every 5 homeowners call a professional to perform routine maintenance on their HVAC. It is worth noting that air conditioners that receive regular maintenance last 40 % longer. If it’s been a couple of years or more since you've had your HVAC serviced, consider getting an inspection. Besides the passage of time, here are ten signs you should have your ducts cleaned:

  1. Dirt or dust around the air vents, registers, motor, furnace compartments, A/C coil

  2. Excessive debris or more household dust

  3. Matted dust beyond vent covers

  4. Air filters getting dirty quicker than usual

  5. Inconsistent airflow from room to room, decreased HVAC performance

  6. Increased heating and cooling costs

  7. Rodent droppings or vermin infestation

  8. Noise in ductwork

  9. Increased allergy symptoms

  10. Visible mold growth

Household dust is a combination of pollen, hair, dead skin, pet dander, paper, soil, bacteria, clothing fibers, specks of plastic, dead insects and dust mites that feed and deposit in this organic matter. Indoor air quality varies with the number of humans and pets living in a household, how often windows are open, and the surrounding environment. As more dust and dirt get into your ducts, it restricts air flow. This restriction makes your heater or cooler work harder. Such restriction leads to higher energy bills and decreased HVAC system life. Addressing this results in lower operating costs, fewer repairs, decreased health issues (allergies or respiratory) and less household cleaning due to dustiness.

Sometimes, a specific event such as construction or sanding without carefully covering vents might result in excessive particles getting into your ducts. Be sure that you or your contractors safeguard against this unforced error. Mold grows in a poorly ventilated bathroom that suffers from excessive moisture and needs to be addressed before making asthma, allergies or other health matters worse. Your home may benefit from the addition of a humidifier to complement your HVAC.

Whether it is a gradual buildup or a specific event, it pays to invest in professional duct cleaning service with Acosta Home & Air Pro. In addition to removing accumulated dirt and debris from your HVAC unit, we will check that all joints in your duct system are properly connected and sealed like they were when new. Acosta Home & Air Pro is licensed and certified by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaner Association) and is ready to service HVAC in Westchester County and New York City. Call us at (914) 875-3266 for a quote and expert cleaning.

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